PrimeFit Studio has opened in May 2013. It was created out of love for sports and in search of a place, that every movement enthusiast would call a second home. This philosophy has been with us for 7 years.We started classes in a tiny 50-meter room. We have two spacious rooms in our current location. At your disposal here is a changing room and bathroom with a shower.

Our domain is acrobatic sports – pole dance and aerial hoop. Taking care of the comprehensive development of our pupils, we also conduct complementary classes in stretching, strength exercises, choreography and others.We hosted many great athletes and coaches, incl. Sarah Scott, Jess Leanne Norris, Berenika Nienadowska-Krajewska, and Zuza Kijanowska. Our instructors are people with many years of sports experience, certified trainers, regularly participating in trainings and workshops, expanding their knowledge and skills.Taking care of your health first of all, we permanently cooperate with a physiotherapist, which allows us to adjust the training to your individual needs


Agnieszka Sikora
Agnieszka’s background is in ballroom dance. At her 12-year career she gained the A dance class in Latin American dances. She has joined PrimeFit on 2015, and since 2017 she is a member of our instructor’s team.

Agnieszka teaches pole dance, aerial hoop and exotic choreography. She attends many workshops with leading Polish and world-class pole dancers, broadening her skills and knowledge.
Katarzyna Kamizelich-Sroka
Founder of PrimeFit Studio. Former handball player, fitness and pilates instructor, certified personal trainer of Athlete Performance and IFAA, IPSF Judge and IPSF Coach.

She opened the studio out of love for pole sports and in search for a friendly, family-like place with sports in the background. She finds fulfillment mostly in her coaching career, observe the progress of her pupils, help them grow and achieve their goals.
Dorota Zawadzka
DOROTA ZAWADZKA Dorota grew from artistic gymnastics, ballet and modern dance. She participated in numerous dance workshops (including hip-hop, modern, jazz, latino) and had her fling with sports aerobic. Dorota is Certified personal trainer, pole dance and aerial hoop instructor, and out team member since 2017.

She constantly looks for new challenges, most recently getting certified as a aeriall yoga instructor. See is a volcano of positive energy with angelic patience, and has an individual approach to everyone. She loves working with children, she also runs children’s groups at the Studio.
Aleksandra Rywak
Ola’s sports background is in artistic gymnastics and various dance styles, incl. jazz, contemporary dance and hip-hop. Her pole dancing career started in 2015 with the title of the Champion of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in her third month into pole training. In 2018 she won Polish Champion of Pole Sport PFAPA and Vice Champion of Pole Sport IPS.Since 2018 she’s a certified pole dance instructor.

Ola is the newest PrimeFit team member, however she’s been with us as an athlete since 2017. She is a perfectionist type, and her favorite figures are those requiring flexibility and crazy flips and jumps. She trained in foreign pole dance schools: Infinity Estudio in Valencia and OMNI in California, and at many workshops with the best Polish and foreign pole dance dancers.

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